Finlandia Saunas - the pacesetters, manufacturing true Finnish saunas for over 30 years. An investment for a better way of life!

The Top Ten Reasons For Owning a Sauna

  1. Promotes a wonderful feeling of well being and a total body experience that no other bath can duplicate.
  2. Promotes healing and releases two natural pain killers.
  3. Burns as many as 300 calories during a normal sauna session.
  4. Helps maintain clear, healthy skin.
  5. Provides a cardiovascular workout and conditions heart.
  6. Helps relieve mental fatigue and arthritic pain.
  7. Increases metabolic rate and resistance to illness.
  8. Improves circulation.
  9. Relieves tension and stress, soothes and relaxes tired muscles.
  10. Adds luxury and value to your home.

The Top Ten Reasons for buying a Finlandia Sauna

  1. Finlandia Saunas are a "true" or authentic sauna.
  2. Four select clear Western woods that stay cool and resist moisture.
  3. Benches with a clean look and durability.
  4. Doors made of solid 100% vertical grain Douglas fir rails (not veneers).
  5. Exclusive artist designed etched glass.
  6. Authentic highest-quality sauna heaters from Finland with rocks to store heat and produce steam - two components vital to a true sauna.
  7. Over 30 years of sauna experience and under original ownership since 1964.
  8. Unique locking system guarantees easy assembly and the strongest installation.
  9. Correct sizes for proper heat distribution and temperature.
  10. A complete line of accessories to complement your sauna.

Sauna Heaters Must Be Engineered For Direct Heating

Finlandia sauna heaters have directly heated stones that completely cover the electric elements to filter harsh heat and eliminate the electromagnetic field for safe and therapeutic bathing. Our heaters are tested and designed for that perfect combination of stone quantity, proper airflow, and steam output.

Anything else is not a sauna!

Sauna Floorplans