1. An appointment is made to meet at the customer's home. At least one hour should be set aside to discuss your backyard's options. Please have the people making decisions about your poolscape available at this first meeting. Also, please have your Plat of Survey (if available) and a copy of your Neighborhood Covenants if you live in a subdivision that requires one. We will have notified Diggers Hotline in advance so that any utilities in the backyard can be identified.

2. If you agree on a budget and decide to use our design/build services, a $1,000 deposit is required at this time. Within ten working days, you will be given two inground pool concept plans for your backyard. These plans will be accompanied by a detailed description of all costs involved with your project. They also will offer options that allow you to work within your budget while addressing your needs. With this process, we eliminate any hidden costs or surprises that could come along.

KD Poolscapes offers the following financing options:

3. Plan A or Plan B will be revised once to develop a detailed plan and firm cost for the work described.

4. Once the plan has been agreed on, the required drawings and documents will be issued to the local building department and architectural planning committees for their approval and issuing of permits.

5. Once permits have been obtained, a date will be set for the beginning of the project.

6. The $1,000 design fee will be credited towards your first payment after the contracts have been signed.

7. The payment schedule will be strictly adhered to. Delay in scheduled progress payments will result in us moving on to the next project and requiring that all payments be satisfied before we return and finish the contracted work.

8. You will be informed daily of your poolscape’s progress and anticipated events for the following day. You will also be notified 48 hours before payments are due.

The consultation and design process are critical to enjoying your pool for years to come. They also add value to your home by demonstrating a professionally-designed and built poolscape.

All of our jobs are built one at a time, with no delays other than uncontrolled weather conditions. A job sign will be posted on-site during your poolscape's construction. Neighbors on all sides will be contacted and given numbers they can call with questions or concerns during construction. We look forward to providing you with an enjoyable working experience and a quality installation. Your referral is the lifeblood of our business, and your satisfaction is the key to our continued success.