From Vinyl Coated Chain Link to Ornamental Aluminum.

Most poolscaping projects include fencing.  The fence provides a safety barrier between the water and your family, neighbors, and friends.  It also can provide for privacy, wind barrier, or screening.

Local codes regarding inground pools usually require an enclosure be at least 48" high and outfitted with self-closing and self-latching gates.  Communities such as Brookfield and Greendale require a 60" fence.

There are normally three ways to enclose a pool:

  1. Enclose just the pool on all four sides, separating it from the house.
  2. Enclose the pool using the house as the 4' side of the enclosure.
  3. Enclose the entire yard.

We will discuss your fencing needs, address a budget, and provide a detailed plan of how and where the fence is to be installed.

Jerith Aluminum Fencing