"Our experience with KD Poolscapes was better than promised, and we received a quality product delivered on time. Ken, Lisa, and the entire work staff transformed our backyard into a play area the family will enjoy for many years. What a great pleasure it is to look out the kitchen window every day and see this beautiful pool in our backyard. Thanks KD Poolscapes."


"KD did our pool, driveway, and landscaping as a complete project. We were very pleased with their creativity and workmanship. We are happy with the results and enjoyed working with them."


"We were 100% satisfied with the installation of our pool from start to finish. The quality as well as the service was top-notch, and the service continues even after installation of your pool is completed. It was a great experience!"


"If you want to just get wet, go with another pool company. We found KD to be far superior in quality, workmanship, and aesthetics in comparison. There is no substitute for the total pool experience!"


"I have found KD Poolscapes to be efficient and knowledgeable for all of my pool needs. They keep their promises, which is not always true in this industry."


"We interviewed several companies and chose KD Poolscapes due to their ability to create a complete backyard resort environment. The construction crew was professional, dependable, courteous, and treated our yard as if it was their own. The ongoing routine pool opening and closing process are equally smooth. KD's passion for creating a great pool environment, at a reasonable price, is unmatched in the Milwaukee area."


"I couldn't have been happier with everything KD Poolscapes has to offer. Ken and Lisa's years of experience shows through everything - from the very first meeting with Ken to the final day of install."


"When my husband and I were getting quotes to put in our pool, Ken and Lisa were by far the most professional and patient people we worked with. We firmly believe that you get what you pay for, and my husband and I, along with our kids and their friends, are more than satisfied with our back yard 'vacation spot.' Five years later with our awesome pool, we continue to receive professional, friendly service from Ken, Lisa, and their staff. Thank you for making our investment such a great experience!"


"I believe the most important thing I can say about KD is that when you hire them, you are not just buying a pool, you are getting the entire pool and landscape design. It was critically important in our situation, and we now have a beautiful backyard environment because of this meticulous planning. Just as important is the staff's attention to detail and the crew, who left our project spotless every day before they left. It has been over seven years, and they still provide great service. We are happy to give out Ken and Lisa’s name as the best in pool installation."


"We've had our pool for several years now, and we still refer KD Poolscapes to all of our friends who are thinking about installing an inground pool. One of the best things about KD is that the customer doesn't need to deal with multiple contractors, thus eliminating any scheduling conflicts which may occur during the pool building process. It can be very stressful on the homeowner, which is why KD handles everything from digging the hole in the beginning to putting the landscaping in at the end."


"KD Poolscapes are at the top of their game! I was just furious after many problems with a heavily-advertised local pool installer. My research led me to Ken and Lisa to fix groundwater issues with our inground pool. Within minutes, Ken gave me the answers I had spent almost a year trying to get from the 'big money' pool installers and on the Web. My only regret is that I didn't know about them from the beginning. Save yourself the aggravation and have your pool installed right the first time. Use KD Poolscapes."


"We were very pleased with how Ken took us around his showroom and explained to us actual pool installations that best illustrated covers, materials, shapes, equipment, fencing, etc. The communication, cost, and paperwork for the preliminaries were outstanding. This helped us to make our decisions quickly and accurately. 'Extra' items such as the automatic pool cover, larger capacity equipment, and better quality materials were fully explained, and the choice to go with these items has not been regretted. The fact that KD Poolscapes is a 'one-stop' pool installer made the experience that much more enjoyable. Once all choices were made, they handled everything through complete landscape design and installation. KD is a top-notch pool installer."


"KD is personable, professional, extremely knowledgeable, uses high-quality products, performs high-quality services, is always on time, and is customer service-driven."


"We could have never imagined the wonderful designs you've brought to life in creating a beautiful outdoor addition to our home. The synergy of the whole is greater than either of the parts. Working with the two of you has been a delight from day one. The enthusiasm, professionalism, realism, and love of what you do was always there. Your crew, a delight, worked at the speed of light, and your timetables were true to the day. Thank you Kenny and Lisa; you've made our dreams come true."


"KD installed our pool on time and on budget. Our friends and family are amazed at the transformation of our backyard. The design service and craftsmanship, along with the use of quality products, were exactly what we were looking for. Best of all, the KD work crew kept the construction area neat and tidy right up until completion. KD continues to provide great service after the build."